About Me

Hey all,
I have an obsession and great passion for fashion. Particularly men’s fashion and that’s why I’ve decided to start my own men’s fashion blog. Fashion inspires me. It’s a silent way of telling the world how you feel. How you think. What you believe in and how you view certain things. When I see people dressed in sweat pants and tank tops, I know that they just don’t care. When people wear suits, they usually mean business. And when women wear bright colors, flowy shirts, tight pants and heels, you know they mean fashion. My inspiration and love for men’s fashion began when I moved to the fashion capital of America, NYC. I noticed men caring about the way they looked, clearly putting time and effort into their outfits. Great taste and color choices. The hair, the bags, the jackets. I loved every aspect of it. In this men’s fashion blog, I will post images that remind me of my love for fashion. They reiterate the passion and appreciation I have for those who truly believe that you don’t get dressed for others, but you get dressed for yourself. Keith Robinson is a guy I met in as I was shopping in BCBG. He was dressed impeccably and I asked him to be my model for this blog, so most of the photos that you will see here are his courtesy. Thanks Keith, you’re amazing! I hope that you guys will enjoy and love this blog as much as I do.

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